Animal Transportation Options

02 Feb

The transportation of certain animals is called animal transportation. Common categories of such animals that are commonly transported include livestock destined for sale, poultry destined for food processing, and dairy products. Livestock is usually transported in pens, crates, or shipping containers. Livestock is usually sent to meat markets or meat processing plants. Quotas for such shipments are often set by government departments. Other common transportation include wildlife being moved to zoos or conservation centers.
Zoological and veterinary laboratories sometimes ship lab animals on public transports. Examples include cervids being shipped to institutions for genetic analysis or tissue culture. Wildlife species are sometimes transported between different locations for the purpose of scientific research. Examples include cervids being transported between zoos.

In some cases, farmers are transferring farm machinery, such as tractors and combines, between farms. For this reason, farmers often hire private aircraft to transport farm implements on public transports, like airlines. However, if a tractor should breakdown during the journey, the farmer would need to arrange for proper care and emergency evacuation from the vehicle. 

Pet owners frequently transport their animals between homes and shelters, as well as between veterinarians' offices and animal shelters. Animal owners may choose pet ground transport either by vehicle transportation, charter flights, or airline transport for short trips or long trips. Some pet owners choose to hire an animal transport company to transport their pets between home and veterinary clinics. Some pet owners also choose to hire pet transportation companies to transport between homes and their local veterinary clinics.

Several large animal research facilities and universities often send cargo aircraft to transport research animals on charter flights. Some companies specialize in commercial and private aircraft services for transporting animals. Research facility managers can usually arrange for specific times for transporting animals on these types of services. Some research facilities provide specific routes for transporting animals on their own aircraft. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers also uses cargo aircraft to transport soldiers and their equipment. Several times each year, the military must transport huge amounts of material, including personnel and vehicles, across the country or around the world. Click here to find a  puppy for sale.

Animal transportation companies can help move pets, livestock, research animals, and other goods. Many companies offer a variety of services to make transporting animals easy and convenient. These companies can often package and ship your belongings, whether you ship them yourself or use a cargo carrier. If you prefer the convenience of having your possessions shipped directly to you or to a destination of your choosing, many companies will ship packages for you, too.

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